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Post by Ren on Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:12 pm

Hello, and welcome to the Mythical Vale!
Here are some rules to keep the peace around here.
No harassment!
Swearing is allowed, but abusive language, slurs and harassment are not.

Roleplayers make our serious site look bad. Don't do it.

No dating.
No explanation needed. Why would you think this is for dating?

No sharing personal details.
You can share your first name, age (not recommended) and email/Kik, but nothing else. In email, please, for the sake of your safety, do not say your address or location, and do not send pictures of yourself even if they have sent pictures of themselves.

No dangerous spells or toxic ingredients.
You will be banned on the first offense. Including toxic materials or self-endangering activities is a serious offense. The only exception is small amounts of blood as an ingredient. We don't want people leaping off cliffs or burning themselves because they wanted to change their form.

Do not leave hate comments or say that this is impossible.
You are not doing anything for or to us. You will be banned the first time a message like this is sent.

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